Product Range

With the industry’s broadest set of flexible fuel options, ProMax offers a wide range of products to choose from. All ProMax products boast of unmatched durability and reliability ensuring you get the maximum return on investment. We present to you some of the products we have available on the ProMax range.


Automatic Tank Gauge System


  • Maximum 8 probes for linkage, display 8 tank's information at the same time
  • Alarm and cancel alarm: oil level alarm, water level alarm, temperature alarm and static tubing leak alarm:(Automatic Tank Gauge System)
  • Calculate present tank stock according to the oil level, water leve land tank table. Display liquid total volume, oil volume and water volume at real time.
  • GSM module: send short messages including stock and alarm information to manager's mobile phone, manager get information timely and efficient.
  • Support extending function of receipt printer and printing system information
  • Support stock management software and supply protocol ports to support the third gas station retail management system

Underground Pipe System


  • Censtar double-layer pipeline consists of main pipeline and an outer pipeline, both of which are manufactured using the same process.
  • The inner main pipeline and the outer pipeline, connected with a dedicated electric hot-melt plastic pipe fittings at both ends of the pipeline.
  • The leakage of the whole system can be monitored using a Leakage Monitor.
  • The double-layer oil pipeline cannot only transport liquid fuels and monitor the leakage of the entire conveying system online, but also provide safer measures to prevent the environment from being contaminated by fuels.
  • Censtar double-layer layer composite pipeline, suitable for both negative-pressure and positive-pressure oil pipelines.

Fuel Dispensers


  • High security.
  • Water and dust proof.
  • 6200 Main Board featuring the latest technology, more safety and stability.
  • Intelligent Voice Broadcast System, Printer Bill System, Full customer service.
  • Display brightness can be adjusted according to light.
  • POS smart upgrade, simple maintenance.
  • High precision flow meter. Shell uses unique technical processing, is moisture proof and rustproof ensuring outstanding performance and no malfunctions within 5,000,000 litres. Life cycle can reach 10,000,000 litres.
  • Options include: Printer, Electrostatic Release Device, Voice Broadcast Function, Horse Suspension Device, Voice Intercom Device, Video Intercom Device, Bank Card Payment, Barcode Pay, Vapour Recovery Online Monitoring System, Non-inductive Pay and Face scanning.
Dispenser Models

Product Catalogue

Download our ProMax product catalogue to view the complete list of available products, models, features and specifications.


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